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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I’ll never forget how good my first cup of coffee was in Spain, some 23 years ago, when I first visited and I really wasn’t much of a coffee drinker then. Over the past month, something kept calling me back, calling me back to my roots. Everywhere I went, one sign after another, the call kept coming in louder and stronger, until I decided I had to answer.

I bought myself a last minute ticket and here I am. We meet once again: my first morning in España and my first cup of coffee. As I sit in the courtyard, gazing out to the cobblestone pathways of the quaint town of Pals, sipping my cortado, I somehow feel an unexpected exhilaration, as if my soul’s rejuvenating. With every sip, trickling down my throat, I am filled with such a sense of peace, calm and feeling whole again.

There was a reason I was called here, not just for the coffee, but something more. Looking forward to discovering what awaits me in beautiful Catalonia..... Buenas Tardes!



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