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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A moment of magic. To rise from sleep and enter an ordinary space to find simply, a reflection. The morning sunlight refracted on the wet concrete-ground. This is what you are looking at in this image.


Sometimes I struggle whether to describe what caused me to take a photo and what I felt in that moment, or rather, to leave a little ambiguity and space for interpretation, for you, the viewer. In turn, to allow a sense of curiosity and imagination, and ultimately, the provocation of an emotion.

To see magic, specifically the magic of life, it requires, not the use of our minds, but an opening of and connection to our heart, to our soul. We feel with our senses, not with our minds. And yet, our minds are consistently fighting to control what we were all put on this beautiful Earth to do, to feel and to experience, with all of our emotions, the good and the bad. Life cannot be understood with logic. Life is not meant to be understood. Life is meant to be felt. And no matter what obstacle may be placed in front of us, life is simply meant to be lived.


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