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Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Caught at a red light, and the perfect moment arrives...


Red lights...Some of my best shots happen from the car, at a red light.

While we’re always in search of the green light, with that “go, go, go” mentality, when we often end up kicking ourselves for not passing the red, might we consider the following: That in that pause, that temporary lapse of time, there lies so much for us.

Some of the most perfect opportunities present themselves when we’re forced to stop for a moment. Rather than resisting the way things unfold for us, always needing them to be the way we think they should, could we rise to the occasion and open ourselves up to embracing what is being offered to us?

That maybe that halt is there for a purpose, not as an impediment, but as a means of serving us. Rather than denying us of what we think we want, a standstill might actually be the opportunity for a new set of possibilities.

That often enough, in that pause, comes the arrival of the unexpected, and the most perfectly-composed synchronicity.

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