• Emilia | Photographe


Updated: Nov 8, 2020


I shot this from the car one rainy day in LA, nearly two years ago. I had just gotten on the road and hadn’t yet turned the wipers on. Stuck at an unusually long red light, I was entranced, not only by the monotonous tick-tock of my car’s left turn signal, but by the mesmerizing scene before me. Hundreds of little raindrops covering my windshield, superimposed over the silvery grey sky and the dark silhouette of foliage and palm trees, lined perfectly along the street ahead. I pulled over and began shooting. It wasn’t until I zoomed in on the raindrops that I discovered a whole other hidden scene: a deserted island encapsulated in a droplet, slowly drifting along the sea of raindrops. It was magical!


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