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Updated: Nov 18, 2021


There was something to be said about the depth in engagement by these beautiful school children, when they knew they were being photographed. A photographer’s dream, really...To not have to pry or break them open in any way, as a means to connect them to the camera.

I shot this on a school visit with Empower Nepali Girls in the village of Borang, located in the Lamjung region of Nepal in April of 2017.

You can see it in their spellbound gaze. Each depicting a different feeling. One eagerly peering through the window, eyes fixated on the goings on in a crowded classroom, as another curiously glares back at her inventive friend. But the little one, standing directly across from me, whose eyes locked with mine, captured my heart from the first moment we met. Her innocent expression simply captivated.

These little girls have so little, face so many hardships, and yet, their sense of spirit and wonder, and their gratitude for life itself far outweighs anything else. How I miss their sweet faces and my time in such an enchanting country.


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