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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Shooting in the rain makes for great photography. Sitting in the car, taking a moment to hear the gentle pitter patter of rain drumming the rooftop, watching the raindrops collect one after another, on the blank canvas of a glass windshield makes for magic. It’s moments like these that re-awaken us to the simple beauty that exists all around us. Every photographer’s hope and intention is not only to create a beautifully composed image, but ultimately, to try to capture a moment like this one.

Trying not to get soaked on what was quite a cold and gloomy day in the middle of January in L.A., I was rushing to get into the car as quickly as I could. Once I settled in, I grabbed my phone in search of an address. It was when I looked up to start the car, when I noticed what was in front of me. Hundreds of raindrops, in every size and shape, covering the windshield of my car, superimposed over the dark silhouette of the palms trees above, hidden within each droplet, the reflection of the street scene before me. It was truly magical!


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