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Updated: Jul 15, 2020


This looks like an exit and says it’s an exit, but is an exit really an exit? Is it really an endpoint?

How often do we go through an exit without giving it a single thought? Just like breathing, we inhale and exhale continuously, whether we think to do it or not. As for the path that lies beyond the exit, whether it’s familiar or unknown, we somehow don’t question that either. Because we know that one, the exit is the only way out, and two, once we’re out, we can navigate our way to where we need to go next.

If that’s true, then why do we often seem to get stuck or too scared to leave behind where we are, but rather, have the courage to pass through the exit, and trust that we will find our way? Sometimes we hold on so tight that it becomes almost impossible to pass through to the next stop. It’s a matter of shifting our perspective. While an exit is an endpoint, it is also the gateway to the next destination. Just like one breath leads to the next, the exit leads us from one place to next. A place of completion, of where we were, proceeding to where we’re supposed to be.

There is no question that the unknown is scary and that holding on to what we know and have seems safer. But just like we trust in our every breath, we must also trust that what lies beyond that exit, can be the entrance to something so wonderful, that is, if we can pull out our courage to let go and allow it.

An exit, then, really is not an exit.


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