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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

At twilight, the light is just magic. Shot this one afternoon, while stopped at a red light. The man in the car next to me must’ve thought I was some nut, sticking my hand out of my window, taking random pictures on a busy street intersection. Foot on the brake pedal, I hurried to grab my phone, snapping as many shots as quickly as I could, before the street light turned green. All the while, I hoped and prayed the pigeons wouldn’t suddenly fly away, or worse yet, that I'd get a bunch of blurry shots, because of the distance between my car and the light post. Sure enough, my iPhone did not disappoint! There was something about that still moment that just got me: the dark silhouette of the pigeons, lined in formation against the bright, luminous backdrop of the late afternoon sky, almost cartoon-like in the photo, but far from it. One of my favorite shots to date. Those moments stuck behind a long red light make for, at the very least, some great photography, but if open to it, the presence of some magical scenery, especially in the ordinary.



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