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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Some of my favorite shots just happen without any effort or expectation. Call it SERENDIPITY, one of the greatest words in the dictionary. Who doesn’t love that moment when you stumble upon something so beautiful when you weren’t even looking for it?

It was Friday afternoon, as dusk was beginning to settle into the night, the sky painted with hues of pink and blue, and I was running into the middle of a busy street, cars coming in both directions, iPhone in hand, to snap a shot of a beautiful tree-lined street. The way the bare, winter branches of the sycamore trees were juxtaposed across the magical-colored sky just got me.

Yes, jumping into traffic and risking my safety for the thrill of capturing the perfect shot sounds crazy. But here’s the irony of that moment. It was when I was reaching for my phone to photograph that very scene, that the photo above came about. I simply grabbed my phone out of my bag, opened the camera app and there was this perfectly-framed shot. Minimalism is a favorite for me. The way the harsh yellow lines are bounding one delicate leaf was just so beautiful. As for the photo I risked my life for that afternoon, I’ll be posting that soon...



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